Course registration

All the following data are used in direct relationship to the course; they are not shared with anyone.


Primary channel; for announcements and extra material during the course, summaries when you miss a session, certificate after the course.

You are welcome to check the newsletter option; we send newsletters a few times a year to announce new courses (mostly in Czech, but this can change); you can also subscribe later.

After the MBSR course, you can always join for the “day of mindfulness” (silent practice) of any of the next courses, for free; the newsletter might be a way to stay in the loop.

Phone number

To make contact before the course — we will text you before calling and arrange time which will be suitable for both of us. We will also contact you (SMS, WhatsApp or similar) in matters of urgence (such as cancellation of a session on short notice).

Postal address

To send workbook and other printed course materials (A5-sized envelope) — only for online courses.